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Paper: Cosmological Implications of a Solid Upper Mass Limit Placed on DFSZ Axions Thanks to Pulsating White Dwarfs
Volume: 352, New Horizons in Astronomy: Frank N. Bash Symposium 2005
Page: 253
Authors: Kim, A.; Montgomery, M.H.; Winget, D.E.
Abstract: Axions are theoretical particles that provide an elegant solution to the strong CP problem in the Standard Model of particle physics. In addition, they are potential dark matter candidates. The problem is that the theory of axions does not really constrain their mass, and axions can only account for dark matter if they have the right mass. Several searches are underway that try to find axions and/or constrain their mass. With pulsating white dwarfs, we can place a solid upper limit on the mass of DFSZ axions (a model for axions that interact with electrons, (Dine et al. 1981)). We present how this can be done and how it can be improved. We then try to see if we can draw any conclusion about axions as dark matter candidates by looking at the different cosmological models of their formation in the early universe.
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