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Paper: Is Sérsic Index a Good Detector of Pseudobulges?
Volume: 352, New Horizons in Astronomy: Frank N. Bash Symposium 2005
Page: 237
Authors: Fisher, D.B.
Abstract: I discuss an effort to test the claim that Sérsic index of bulges can be used as a diagnostic of pseudobulges. For this, pseudobulges are identified using nuclear morphology (e.g., nuclear spirals, nuclear rings, nuclear bars). In addition, bulge-disk decompositions are carried out on composite surface brightness profiles. The result is thus far that there appear to be two distinct types of objects in parameter space. Classical (merger built) bulges have larger Sérsic index (n > 2) and pseudobulges have more nearly exponential surface brightness profiles (n < 2).br>
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