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Paper: Spectroscopic Indices for Solar Analogs
Volume: 472, New Quests in Stellar Astrophysics III: A Panchromatic View of Solar-like Stars, With and Without Planets
Page: 179
Authors: Bertone, E.; Chávez, M.; Tapia-Schiavon, C.; Hernández-Aquila, J. B.
Abstract: Within the framework of the project that our group at INAOE is carrying on about the study of a large sample solar analogs from the UV to the mm wavelengths, we present the definition and analysis of a set of spectroscopic indices suitable for the determination of stellar atmospheric parameters from intermediate resolution (FWHM=2.5 Å) optical spectra in the wavelength range 3800–4700 Å. We characterize the properties of these indices from a purely theoretical point of view.
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