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Paper: Solar-like Oscillations in the Stars KIC 5390438 and KIC 5701829 Observed by Kepler
Volume: 472, New Quests in Stellar Astrophysics III: A Panchromatic View of Solar-like Stars, With and Without Planets
Page: 161
Authors: Fox Machado, L.; Baran, A. S.
Abstract: The preliminary results of an analysis of the KIC 5390438 and KIC 5701829 light curves are presented. The variations of these stars were detected by Baran et al. (2011a) in a search for pulsating M dwarfs in the Kepler public database. The objects have been observed by the Kepler spacecraft during the Q2 and Q3 runs in a short-candence mode (integration time of ∼1 min). A Fourier analysis of the time series data has been performed by using the PERIOD04 package. The resulting power spectrum of each star shows a clear excess of power in the frequency range 100 and 350μHz with a sequence of spaced peaks typical of solar-like oscillations. A rough estimation of the large and small separations has been obtained. Spectroscopic observations secured at the Observatorio Astronomico Nacional in San Pedro Mártir allowed us to derive a spectral classification K2III and K0III for KIC 5390438 and KIC 5701829, respectively. Thus, KIC 5390438 and KIC 5701829 have been identified as solar-like oscillating red giant stars.
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