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Paper: Metallicities of Solar-type Stars in Young Open Clusters
Volume: 472, New Quests in Stellar Astrophysics III: A Panchromatic View of Solar-like Stars, With and Without Planets
Page: 111
Authors: Monroe, T. R.; Pilachowski, C. A.; Rebull, L.
Abstract: We present chemical abundances of six nearby young open clusters determined from moderate-resolution WIYN-Hydra and CTIO-Hydra spectra of cluster F and G pre-main sequence and main sequence stars. The selection of these particular clusters, with ages of 10–150 Myr, was aimed at examining whether the massive planet-metallicity correlation extends to younger planetary systems, namely debris disks, which are thought to be the observational signatures of planet formation. The relationship between cluster metallicity and frequency of debris disks around early-type cluster stars is explored using complementary Spitzer–MIPS 24 μm data. Preliminary results show no strong correlation between debris disk frequency and metallicity, consistent with previous studies of older FGK stars with debris disks.
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