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Paper: Extracting the Physical Parameters of a Sample of M-dwarfs from High-resolution Near-infrared Spectra
Volume: 472, New Quests in Stellar Astrophysics III: A Panchromatic View of Solar-like Stars, With and Without Planets
Page: 53
Authors: del Burgo, C.; Martín, E. L.; Zapatero Osorio, M. R.; Deshpande, R.; Witte, S.; Helling, C.; Hauschildt, P. H.
Abstract: This study is part of an effort to determine the physical and kinematical properties of a sample of 36 nearby late M-dwarfs, with spectral types M5-M9.5. They are the targets of a program to search for exoplanets orbiting around them from the radial velocity method using the near-infrared echelle spectrograph NIRSPEC on the Keck II telescope. Preliminary results about the effective temperature, surface gravity, and rotational broadening of a subsample of nine M-dwarfs are presented. The analysis is based on the comparison of the spectra obtained in the J–band with a high resolving power of 22,000 and stellar atmosphere synthetic models using the PHOENIX and the PHOENIX/DRIFT codes. This study shows that the strong potassium absorption doublet at 12432 and 12522 Å is useful to determine the effective temperature. Our results are of interest for the new generation of near-infrared spectrographs that are being developed to measure radial velocities with unprecedented precisions of a few ms-1, for which accurate theoretical models for comparison are needed.
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