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Paper: Simulation of a critical task of the LISA release mechanism: the Injection of the Test Mass into Geodesic
Volume: 467, 9th LISA Symposium
Page: 347
Authors: Zanoni, C.; Bortoluzzi, D.; Conklin, J. W.
Abstract: In LISA Pathfinder, the injection of the test mass (TM) into a geodesic orbit represents a possible single-point failure of the whole mission. In this critical phase the Grabbing, Positioning and Release Mechanism (GPRM) releases the test mass from the caged condition to free-fall by means of a fast retraction of two opposite tips. A momentum transfer from the tips to the TM occurs due to adhesive bonds and possible asymmetry of the system. Since the electrostatic control authority is limited, the released TM may be captured only if its residual velocity after release is below 5 μm/s. A combined experimental-analytical strategy has been conceived to test this phase. The compliance of the resulting injection with the requirements is here presented and discussed.
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