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Paper: Simulations and Preliminary Experimental Investigation of the Received Field and Back-reflection from an On-axis Telescope
Volume: 467, 9th LISA Symposium
Page: 309
Authors: Spector, A.; Mueller, G.
Abstract: SGO will use a reflecting telescope to transmit and receive light between spacecraft. One design involves axially aligned secondary and primary mirrors in a Cassegrain configuration. There are several concerns for this type of telescope. One possible issue is that some of the light reflected from the secondary will travel back to the optical bench and can introduce phase noise into the LISA measurement signal. Other issues have to do with the intensity distribution and wavefront of the field received from the far spacecraft. Shadows from secondary support structure will create an irregular distribution in this field. This distribution will have an effect on wavefront sensing as well as the efficiency of the optical train and therefore must be studied.
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