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Paper: Simulating and Optimizing Laser Interferometers
Volume: 467, 9th LISA Symposium
Page: 291
Authors: Kochkina, E.; Heinzel, G.; Wanner, G.; Müller, V.; Mahrdt, C.; Sheard, B.; Schuster, S.; Danzmann, K.
Abstract: This paper introduces the IFOCAD software which is designed to simulate laser interferometers using different beam models, including non-astigmatic as well as simple and general astigmatic Gaussian beams in the fundamental mode. With IFOCAD it is also possible to compute heterodyne signals such as pathlength signal, differential wavefront sensing signal, differential power sensing signal and contrast. Another important feature of IFOCAD are optimization algorithms that are useful for designing laser interferometers and adjusting them to fulfill specific requirements.
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