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Paper: Closed Loop Simulations of the Thermal Experiments in LISA Pathfinder
Volume: 467, 9th LISA Symposium
Page: 279
Authors: Gibert, F.; Nofrarias, M.; Karnesis, N.; Díaz-Aguiló, M.; Mateos, I.; Lobo, A.; Gesa, L.; Martín, V.; Lloro, I.
Abstract: The thermal experiments to be carried out onboard LISA Pathfinder (LPF) will provide essential information of the dependences of the instrument with respect to temperature variations. These thermal experiments must be modelled and simulated both to be validated for mission operations purposes and also to develop a data analysis tool able to characterise the temperature noise contribution to the instrument performance. Here we will present the models developed and the simulated signals for some of the experiments together with the corresponding interferometer readouts, the latter being computed by combining the thermal models with the global LTP (LISA Technology Package) simulator of the LTP Data Analysis team.
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