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Paper: The LISA PathFinder DMU Software, a Global Overview
Volume: 467, 9th LISA Symposium
Page: 277
Authors: Gesa, L.; Martin, V.; Conchillo, A.; Lobo, A.; Lloro, I.
Abstract: During the last 6 years, the IEEC software team has developed the Data Management Unit (DMU) software. It is a critical piece of engineering in the Lisa Pathfinder mission, in charge of the primary processing of data generated by the Phasemeter, acting also as an interface between the whole LISA Technology Package (LTP) and the On-Board Computer (OBC). It also manages and controls the diagnostics systems (Heaters, coils, magnetometers, radiation monitor, thermometers). This article briefly summarizes all the work performed, describing the complex environment built around the application generation.
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