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Paper: A Two-stage Electrostatic Controlled Torsion Pendulum Facility to Investigate Performances of an Inertial Sensor
Volume: 467, 9th LISA Symposium
Page: 235
Authors: Zhou, Z. B.; Bai, Y. Z.; Liu, L.; Tan, D. Y.; Yin, H.
Abstract: A two-stage electrostatic-controlled torsion pendulum has been developed to investigate the performances of electrostatic inertial sensors on ground. The twist and translation motions of the proof mass were monitored by high-precision capacitance transducers, and were synchronously controlled by electrostatic actuators. A new two stage pendulum using silica fiber suspension is being constructed in our laboratory in order to improve the sensitivity, and also to investigate the cross coupling between the differential degrees of freedom of the inertial sensor.
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