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Paper: Self Force Orbit-Integrated Gravitational Waveforms for E(I)MRIs
Volume: 467, 9th LISA Symposium
Page: 209
Authors: Burko, L. M.; Lackeos, K. A.
Abstract: We present the first orbit–integrated self force effects for an IMRI or EMRI source, specifically the effects of its conservative piece on the orbit and on the waveform. We consider the quasi–circular motion of a particle in the spacetime of a Schwarzschild black hole, find the orbit and the corresponding gravitational waveform, and discuss the importance of the conservative piece of the self force in detection and parameter estimation. We also show the effect of the conservative piece of the self force on gauge invariant quantities, specifically ut as a function of the angular frequency Ω. For long templates the inclusion of the conservative piece is crucial for gravitational–wave astronomy, yet may be ignored for short templates with little effect on detection rate.
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