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Paper: Extreme-mass-ratio Bursts from the Galactic Centre
Volume: 467, 9th LISA Symposium
Page: 185
Authors: Berry, C. P. L.; Gair, J. R.
Abstract: An extreme-mass-ratio burst (EMRB) is a gravitational wave signal emitted when a compact object passes through periapsis on a highly eccentric orbit about a much more massive body, in our case a stellar mass object about the 4.31×106 M massive black hole (MBH) in the Galactic Centre. We investigate how EMRBs could constrain the parameters of the Galaxy's MBH. EMRBs should be detectable if the periapsis is rp < 65rg for a μ = 10M orbiting object, where rg = GM/c2 is the gravitational radius. The signal-to-noise ratio ρ scales like log(ρ) = -2.7 log(rp/rg) + log(μ/M) + 4.9. For periapses smaller than ∼ 10rg, EMRBs can be informative, providing good constraints on both the MBH's mass and spin.
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