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Paper: The Black Hole in the Galactic Center
Volume: 467, 9th LISA Symposium
Page: 81
Authors: Gillessen, S.
Abstract: The Galactic Center harbors the closest MBH and enables therefore unique observations of a resolved stellar system around a MBH. In two ways, the Galactic Center is directly tied to gravitational wave observatories: (i) For extreme mass ratio inspirals, the GC system serves as a template. While it is very unikely that one will witness such an inspiral from our own Milky Way center, the detailed views of the stellar system are an anchor for the overall event rate estimates. (ii) Future infrared and submm observations will allow testing general relativity at Sgr A* — in a regime of field curvature in which also a future space-based gravitational wave observatory will measure.
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