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Paper: Ultra-Compact Binaries: eLISA Verification Sources
Volume: 467, 9th LISA Symposium
Page: 47
Authors: Kilic, M.; Brown, W. R.; Hermes, J. J.
Abstract: There are numerous ultra-compact binary systems containing white dwarfs and neutron stars in the Galaxy. Many of these systems are weak gravitational wave emitters. However, there are eight known systems where the gravitational wave strain is strong enough to be detected by the proposed eLISA mission. These verification binaries are the strongest gravitational wave sources currently known, and eLISA will detect the gravitational waves from them within a few weeks to months. We review the properties of these eight sources including the observed rate of orbital decay. In addition, we present the recent results from the ELM Survey, which discovered the second best verification binary currently known. We also discuss the future prospects for increasing the number of verification binaries.
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