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Paper: Galactic Binaries with eLISA
Volume: 467, 9th LISA Symposium
Page: 27
Authors: Nelemans, G.
Abstract: I review what eLISA will see from Galactic binaries — double stars with orbital periods less than a few hours and white dwarf (or neutron star/black hole) components. I discuss the currently known binaries that are guaranteed (or verification) sources and explain why the expected total number of eLISA Galactic binaries is several thousand, even though there are large uncertainties in our knowledge of this population, in particular that of the interacting AM CVn systems. I very briefly sketch the astrophysical questions that can be addressed once these thousands of systems are detected. I close with a short outline of the electro-magnetic facilities that will come on line before eLISA will fly and the importance of developing analysis plans using both electro-magnetic and gravitational wave data.
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