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Paper: Pulsars are Born as Magnetars
Volume: 466, Electromagnetic Radiation from Pulsars and Magnetars
Page: 253
Authors: Heras, R.
Abstract: This paper suggests the idea that all neutron stars experienced at birth an ultrafast decay of their magnetic fields from their initial values to their current surface values. If the electromagnetic energy radiated during this field decay is converted into kinetic energy of the neutron star via the radiation reaction mechanism then the decay time is of the order of 10–4s provided that the initial magnetic fields lie in the range of 1014–1016G. This means that all neutron stars are born with magnetic fields typical of magnetars. According to this model the neutron stars acquire their observed high space velocities during the birth ultrafast decay of their magnetic fields. The origin of this field decay points to magnetic instabilities occurring at the end of the birth process.
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