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Paper: Observational Constraints on the Disk Size and Kinematics of HD 327083*
Volume: 464, Circumstellar Dynamics at High Resolution
Page: 319
Authors: Andruchow, I.; Cidale, L. S.; Chesneau, O.; Kanaan, S.; Borges Fernandes, M.; Kraus, M.; Arias, M. L.; Torres, A.; Curé, M.; Granada, A.
Abstract: The existence of dust around hot, massive and luminous objects, such as B[e] supergiants, is still not well understood. One possible scenario is linked to the presence of a high density and low expansion velocity equatorial disk, which would harbor neutral and low ionized gas and dust. However, the formation of a stable disk is physically challenging. A possible answer would be the detection and channeling of the mass ejected towards the equatorial plane of the supergiant by a faint companion. In this work, we present VLTI/MIDI high angular resolution observations and GEMINI/PHOENIX infrared spectra to describe the gas and dust environments around the galactic B[e] supergiant HD 327083, which is suspected to have a F-type companion.
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