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Paper: Using Grids of High Resolution Synthetic Spectra in the Analysis of [WCE] Stars
Volume: 464, Circumstellar Dynamics at High Resolution
Page: 309
Authors: Keller, G. R.; Bianchi, L.; Herald, J. E.; Maciel, W. J.
Abstract: Our grids of synthetic spectra cover the parameter regime of H-deficient central stars of planetary nebulae (CSPNe) of the [WC] and PG1159 types and were used to analyze UV and far-UV spectra of the hot [WCE] central stars of NGC 6905, NGC 5189 and Sand 3. The use of the grids enables systematic analysis of the observed spectra in order to constrain stellar parameters and facilitates line identification. The grids of synthetic spectra are available at and will be augmented. The synthetic spectra from Keller et al. (2011), intended for [WC] stars with temperatures above 50 000 K, which are already on-line, have been recently updated to include the detailed flux calculation for wavelengths below 900 Å.
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