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Paper: Imaging the Circumstellar Environment of ω CMa with the VLTI
Volume: 464, Circumstellar Dynamics at High Resolution
Page: 231
Authors: Sridharan, R.; Štefl, S.; Rivinius, Th.
Abstract: Interferometric imaging in the near-infrared allows us to probe the circumstellar environments of nearby bright stars with milli-arc-seconds resolution. In this paper, we present the first synthesized spectral line (Brγ) image of the Be star ω(28) CMa, obtained with the AMBER/VLTI high resolution data. Images were synthesized in 100 spectral channels covering the Brγ line using the squared visibilities and the closure phases. These images were further refined using the self-calibration procedure proposed by Millour et al. (2011). We present both the continuum image and the image obtained within the Brγ line.
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