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Paper: Dynamics of Circumstellar Disks in Be Star Binaries
Volume: 464, Circumstellar Dynamics at High Resolution
Page: 177
Authors: Okazaki, A. T.
Abstract: In isolated Be stars, the circumstellar disk is affected by the interactions with the central star via the irradiation, the stellar wind, and the mass injection into the disk. These interactions, together with the viscous interaction inside the disk, basically determine the disk structure and evolution. In Be stars in binaries, the presence of the companion adds significant complications to the dynamics of the circumstellar disk. For instance, the tidal torque by the companion truncates the circumstellar disk in systems with low to moderate orbital eccentricity. The tidal torque can also give rise to the disk warping and/or precession. If the companion is a pulsar with a relativistic wind, as in some γ-ray binaries with Be stars, the circumstellar disk can strongly interact with the pulsar wind and become a site of high energy emission. Since observed features are often very complicated, developing a tool to calculate observables from simulation data is desirable.
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