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Paper: PUCHEROS Early Science: A New Be+sdO Candidate*
Volume: 464, Circumstellar Dynamics at High Resolution
Page: 75
Authors: Rivinius, Th.; Vanzi, L.; Chacon, J.; Leyton, P.; Helminiak., K. G.; Baffico, M.; Štefl, S.; Baade, D.; Avila, G.; Guirao, C.
Abstract: We report on the first scientific results with the recently commissioned PUCHEROS spectrograph, mounted at the 50 cm telescope of the Pontificia Universidad Catolica near Santiago, Chile. A hitherto unknown candidate Be+sdO binary was identified, o Pup. If confirmed, it would be the fourth member of this class. Such stars have obtained their rapid rotation through binary mass transfer and now consist of a Be star and a hot subdwarf.
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