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Paper: The GREGOR Solar Telescope on Tenerife
Volume: 463, 2nd ATST-EAST Workshop in Solar Physics: Magnetic Fields from the Photosphere to the Corona
Page: 365
Authors: Schmidt, W.; von der Lühe, O.; Volkmer, R.; Denker, C.; Solanki, S. K.; Balthasar, H.; Bello González, N.; Berkefeld, T.; Collados Vera, M.; Hofmann, A.; Kneer, F.; Lagg, A.; Puschmann, K. G.; Schmidt, D.; Sobotka, M.; Soltau, D.; Strassmeier, K. G.
Abstract: 2011 was a successful year for the GREGOR project. The telescope was finally completed in May with the installation of the 1.5-meter primary mirror. The installation of the first-light focal plane instruments was completed by the end of the year. At the same time, the preparations for the installation of the high-order adaptive optics were finished, its integration to the telescope is scheduled for early 2012. This paper describes the telescope and its instrumentation in their present first-light configuration, and provides a brief overview of the science goals of GREGOR.
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