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Paper: Solar Limb Adaptive Optics: A Test of Wavefront Sensors and Algorithms
Volume: 463, 2nd ATST-EAST Workshop in Solar Physics: Magnetic Fields from the Photosphere to the Corona
Page: 321
Authors: Taylor, G. E.; Rimmele, T. R.; Marino, J.; Tritschler, A.; McAteer, R. T. J.
Abstract: In order to advance our understanding of solar prominences, we need to be able to observe them at high spatial, spectral and temporal resolution. In order to determine physical properties of these cool and faint coronal structures, however, one is forced to use long exposure times, particularly in spectroscopic and spectropolarimetric applications. It is thus crucial that image stabilization is provided, preferrably in form of an adaptive optics (AO) system that is capable to lock onto the off-limb prominence structure, potentially providing diffraction limited imaging. We investigate the preliminary design of such a solar-limb AO system based on a correlating Shack-Hartmann sensor. As an alternative we also studied a solar-limb AO wavefront sensor using a phase-diverse approach.
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