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Paper: The Sunspot Penumbra in the Photosphere: Results from Forward Synthesized Spectroscopy
Volume: 463, 2nd ATST-EAST Workshop in Solar Physics: Magnetic Fields from the Photosphere to the Corona
Page: 89
Authors: Tritschler, A.; Uitenbroek, H.; Rempel, M.
Abstract: We present first results from a spectral synthesis of the Zeeman-insensitive Fe 1 557.6 nm line for two different viewing angles (0° and 30°) using numerical simulations of a sunspot as an input model. We performed a bisector analysis to calculate two-dimensional maps of line-of-sight Doppler velocities and the line width. We analyze azimuthal cuts of the LOS velocity at different penumbral radii and calculate the radial behavior of azimuthal averages of line width and intensity. Both are compared with observational results. The properties of dark cores in penumbral filaments are discussed briefly. Within the limitations of this study, we find that the results from the forward synthesized spectroscopy are in good agreement with the observations, corroborating that the photospheric structure and dynamics of the penumbra is a signature of overturning anisotropic magneto-convection.
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