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Paper: ETC-42 : A Generic, VO Compliant, Exposure Time Calculator
Volume: 461, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXI
Page: 885
Authors: Apostolakos, N.; Surace, C.; Chabaud, P.-Y.; LeLeu, G.; LAM scientists
Abstract: We developed at CeSAM (Centre de donneeS Astrophysiques de Marseille) a new, Virtual Observatory compliant, Exposure Time Calculator, ETC-42. This new ETC performs an instrument-independent computation, derived from the comparison of several (instrument focused) existing ETCs, enabling it to cover a wide range of existing or future instrumentation. Its flexible design and support for plugins allows for easy addition of new computation methods, ensuring its usefulness even for future technologies or for instrumentation with specific calculation requirements. This paper describes the current calculation functionality, the interfaces used for communication with the user and it concludes with the design and frameworks used for achieving the systems flexibility and extensibility.
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