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Paper: The European Grid Infrastructure (EGI): Current Status and Perspectives for Astronomy and Astrophysics within EGI
Volume: 461, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXI
Page: 815
Authors: Vuerli, C.; Taffoni, G.
Abstract: The European Union has invested heavily in e-science programmes over the past years both at the National and at the European levels with impressive results. One of the most important results of the EU effort is the development of an European Grid e-Infrastructure. In fact, because Grid technology is now recognized as a fundamental component for e-Infrastructures, it has been identified as a strategic priority for Europe. This paper presents: a) the current status of EGI, the European Grid Infrastructure, and of the Astronomical VRC (Virtual Research Community) within it; b) future perspectives and possible evolutions for the Astronomical Community within EGI.
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