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Paper: Correcting Transients in Unchopped PACS/Herschel Spectroscopy
Volume: 461, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXI
Page: 781
Authors: Fadda, D.; Jacobson, J. D.
Abstract: We present a technique to correct long-term transients in the signal from unchopped spectroscopy with the PACS instrument onboard the Herschel Space Observatory. This kind of transients affects the response of the detector after every big variation of the incident flux and lasts up to 6 minutes. The effect is particularly pronounced in the case of the red array whose response can vary up to 20%, while is less important in the case of the blue array. Correcting these transients is critical especially in the case of short observations since they can affect a large fraction of the observation. A module to correct long-term transients has been developed in Jython and it is part of the data reduction software for Herschel, HIPE, since version 7.0.
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