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Paper: Advanced Features of the X-shooter Pipeline
Volume: 461, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXI
Page: 741
Authors: Goldoni, P.; Flores, H.; François, P.; Royer, F.; Haigron, R.
Abstract: The X-shooter pipeline has been routinely performing the reduction of the data of the X-shooter spectrograph installed on the ESO UT-2 telescope on Paranal since October 2009. The pipeline is also used to produce scientific papers. Up to now more than 30 scientific papers have used the X-shooter pipeline. For scientific publication the users normally use the pipeline to produce 2D sky subtracted images in wavelength and slit units. As for the extraction of the 1D spectrum, only a basic extraction is provided, usually the user extracts the spectrum by him/herself with IRAF/IDL tasks. The reduction of IFU data is still not completely developed, in particular it is hampered by the lack of atmospheric dispersion correction and it has been used mainly in operations. Here we present new features that have been recently implemented to overcome these shortcomings. We have substantially improved the implementation of optimal extraction in robustness and accuracy thus allowing its use for point-like objects for S/N down to at least 5-10. Moreover we have implemented a new method of IFU data reduction which corrects the atmospheric dispersion through the observation of a standard star just before or after the science observation. We reduce public data with these new features. These new features are being implemented for a public release.
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