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Paper: Entity-Relationship Model for the ALMA Observatory
Volume: 461, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXI
Page: 685
Authors: Morales, F.
Abstract: In the ALMA Archive, the observations metadata are stored as a set of XML documents according to an object-oriented design. This work provides a full Entity-Relationship Model for the ALMA observatory, including the Alma Project Data Model (APDM) and the Alma Science Data Model (ASDM). A new data model has been proposed and all the metadata have been migrated into this new entity-relationship model, allowing the access to those data in a relational way and using regular SQL language. As a consequence of using a standard entity-relationship model, it is possible to write very fast and simple queries to browse, query, analyze and mining into ALMA metadata. Furthermore it is possible to use a big set of third-party database applications available today to navigate, query and report the data.
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