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Paper: Automated Monitoring of Scientific Telemetry Compression and Anomalies Discovery for the ESA Planck Low Frequency Instrument
Volume: 461, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXI
Page: 545
Authors: Maris, M.; Bersanelli, M.; Gregorio, A.; Galeotta, S.; Frailis, M.; Leonardi, R.; Mandolesi, R.; Mennella, D.; Miccolis, M.; Morisset, N.; Pasian, F.; Tavagnacco, D.; Rholf, R.; Terenzi, L.; Tomasi, M.; Türler, M.; Zacchei, A.; the PLANCK/LFI collaboration
Abstract: The Low Frequency Instrument (LFI) onboard the ESA PLANCK mission requires a constant monitoring of its raw data scientific output in order to discover anomalies in the instrument and plan proper actions. The strict margins in the telemetry budget available for delivery of scientific data at ground without to degrade their quality asks for a fine tuning of the data compression pipeline, which is the single most critical step of the LFI onboard processing pipeline. This contribution reviews the basic features of LFI, its onboard processing, and described the Daily Telemetry Monitoring a service implemented in the LFI Data Processing Center to allow automated monitoring of onboard processing and a quick discovery of anomalies on raw data.
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