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Paper: Determination of the Contamination Rate and the Associated Error for Targets Observed by CoRoT in the Exoplanet Channel
Volume: 461, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXI
Page: 529
Authors: Gardes, B.; Chabaud, P.-Y.; Guterman, P.
Abstract: In the CoRoT exoplanet field of view, photometric measurements are obtained by aperture integration using a generic collection of masks. The total flux held within the photometric mask may be split in two parts, the target flux itself and the flux due to the nearest neighbours considered as contaminants. So far ExoDat ( gives a rough estimate of the contamination rate for all potential exoplanet targets (level-0) based on generic PSF shapes built before CoRoT launch. Here, we present the updated estimate of the contamination rate (level-1) with its associated error. This estimate is done for each target observed by CoRoT in the exoplanet channel using a new catalog of PSF built from the first available flight images and taking into account the line of sight of the satellite (i.e. the satellite orientation).
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