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Paper: Visualization of Coronal Structures and Solar Physics
Volume: 461, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXI
Page: 471
Authors: Bělik, M.; Druckmüllerová, H.
Abstract: Numerical method of an image processing suitable for a visualization of corona images taken during total solar eclipses is presented in this paper. A modified phase correlation, based on Fourier transform, enables the measurement of translation, rotation, and scaling factors between two images. With the application of this technique, pairs of images with different exposure times, different brightness scales, such as linear for CCD and nonlinear for images taken with photographic film, can be aligned with sub-pixel precision. This method is inspired by human vision and resulting images are very near to the human vision sensation during the eclipse. Total solar eclipse photography gives us now the opportunity to obtain valuable scientific data even with relatively simple equipment. The method gives reliable results even for images taken with different equipment. Very faint details visible in result images allow us to study the dynamics of coronal plasma, for example. Some examples of such results, obtained during several past total solar eclipses, are also presented. This paper illustrates that an improvement in both mathematical theory and numerical methods may often lead to more effective results than the improvement in technical means.
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