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Paper: A New Web Interface for Saada
Volume: 461, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXI
Page: 415
Authors: Michel, L.; Bantzhaff, P.; Frère, C.; Mantelet, G.; Pineau, F. X.
Abstract: Saada transforms a set of heterogeneous FITS files or VOtables in a powerful database deployed on the Web without writing code. Saada can mix data of various categories (images, tables, spectra…) in multiple collections. Data collections can be linked each to others making relevant browsing paths and allowing data-mining oriented queries. Saada supports four Virtual Observatory (VO) services: Spectra, images, sources, and TAP. Data collections can be published immediately after the deployment of the Web interface. The poster presents the new Web interface coming with Saada databases. It is based on Ajax and key points are: I) Heterogeneous datasets browsing. II) Smart editors for complex queries. III) Full integration of SAMP (WebSampConnector). IV) Use of either SaadaQL or VO protocols for data selection.
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