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Paper: cadcVOFS: A FUSE Based File System Layer for VOSpace
Volume: 461, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXI
Page: 367
Authors: Kavelaars, J.; Dowler, P.; Jenkins, D.; Hill, N.; Damian, A.
Abstract: The CADC is now making extensive use of the VOSpace protocol for user managed storage. The VOSpace standard allows a diverse set of rich data services to be delivered to users via a simple protocol. We have recently developed the cadcVOFS, a FUSE based file-system layer for VOSpace. cadcVOFS provides a filesystem layer on-top of VOSpace so that standard Unix tools (such as ‘find’, ‘emacs’, ‘awk’ etc) can be used directly on the data objects stored in VOSpace. Once mounted the VOSpace appears as a network storage volume inside the operating system. Within the CADC Cloud Computing project (CANFAR) we have used VOSpace as the method for retrieving and storing processing inputs and products. The abstraction of storage is an important component of Cloud Computing and the high use level of our VOSpace service reflects this.
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