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Paper: Phase 3: Handling Data Products from the ESO Public Surveys and Large Programs
Volume: 461, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXI
Page: 213
Authors: Retzlaff, J.; Arnaboldi, M.; Forchì, V.; Nunes, P.; Zampieri, S.; Bierwirth, T.; Peron, M.; Romaniello, M.; Lockhart, J.; Suchar, D.
Abstract: Phase 3 stands for the final step in the execution of ESO large programs and public surveys, which starts with the submission of the letters of intent for public surveys and proposals for large programs, i.e. Phase 1, and continues with the preparation and submission of observing blocks for service mode observations, i.e. Phase 2. This contribution presents the new Phase 3 infrastructure deployed in 2011 that supports the reception, validation and publication of data products from the public survey projects and large programs to the ESO Science Archive Facility.
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