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Paper: The HST Exposure Time Calculator
Volume: 461, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXI
Page: 189
Authors: Diaz, R. I.; Barker, E. A.; Laidler, V. G.; Hanley, C.; Sosey, M.; Busko, I.; Greenfield, P.; Sienkiewicz, M.
Abstract: The Exposure Time Calculator (ETC) is a tool to calculate either the signal-to-noise ratio or the exposure time of HST and JWST observations. With a continuously evolving observatory like HST, maintaining this tool to support all available modes, which use different types of detectors and different instruments, is a challenge. The calibration of modes is ongoing, which results in instrument data updates, modification and enhancements to the underlying code, and integration of new modes, all while maintaining stability, robustness, and accuracy. In this poster we describe how this kind of tool is essential in the greater scheme of preparing scientifically successful observations.
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