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Paper: Automated Production of Test Data to Aid Integration of Gaia First Look Monitor Software
Volume: 461, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXI
Page: 181
Authors: Cross, N.; Heyrovsky, A.
Abstract: Gaia is an ESA cornerstone mission, expected to launch in 2013. Parallaxes for 1 billion stars with up to 10 μas accuracy will be measured using Gaia. Data from Gaia will be processed by 3 pipelines: Initial Data Treatment First Look (IDT-FL), Astrometric Global Iterative Solution (AGIS) and Intermediate Data Update (IDU). IDT-FL runs daily, to process the incoming data and match them to the existing catalogue. FL does sanity checks on the IDT output and issues alerts for any problems. In this paper we describe the production of test data and and tests designed to help develop Detailed First Look Monitor (DFLM) code for FL. These diagnostic tests help to bridge the gap between simple JUnit tests and the full IDT-FL integration tests, by testing the complex setup and infrastructure of the DFLM diagnostics and analyses.
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