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Paper: Accelerating the Rate of Astronomical Discovery with GPU-Powered Clusters
Volume: 461, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXI
Page: 3
Authors: Fluke, C. J.
Abstract: In recent years, the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) has emerged as a low-cost alternative for high performance computing, enabling impressive speed-ups for a range of scientific computing applications. Early adopters in astronomy are already benefiting in adapting their codes to take advantage of the GPU's massively parallel processing paradigm. I give an introduction to, and overview of, the use of GPUs in astronomy to date, highlighting the adoption and application trends from the first ∼ 100 GPU-related publications in astronomy. I discuss the opportunities and challenges of utilising GPU computing clusters, such as the new Australian GPU supercomputer, gSTAR, for accelerating the rate of astronomical discovery.
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