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Paper: What's in a Fermi Bubble: A Quasar Episode in the Galactic Center
Volume: 460, AGN Winds in Charleston
Page: 268
Authors: Zubovas, K.; Nayakshin, S.; King, A. R.
Abstract: Fermi bubbles, the recently observed giant (∼10 kpc high) gamma-ray emitting lobes on either side of our Galaxy (Su et al. 2010), appear morphologically connected to the Galactic center, and thus offer a chance to test several models of supermassive black hole (SMBH) evolution, feedback, and relationship with their host galaxies. We use a physical feedback model (King 2003, 2010) and novel numerical techniques (Nayakshin et al. 2009) to simulate a short burst of activity in Sgr A*, the central SMBH of the Milky Way, ∼6 Myr ago, temporally coincident with a star-formation event in the central parsec. We are able to reproduce the bubble morphology and energetics both analytically (Zubovas et al. 2011), and numerically (Zubovas & Nayakshin, in prep). These results provide strong support to the model, which was also used to simulate more extreme environments (Nayakshin & Power 2010).
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