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Paper: Photoionization Modeling with TITAN Code, Distance to the Warm Absorber in AGN
Volume: 460, AGN Winds in Charleston
Page: 218
Authors: Różańska, A.
Abstract: We present a method that allows us to estimate a distance from the source of continuum radiation located in the center of AGN to the highly ionized gas - warm absorber (WA). We computed a set of constant total pressure photoionization models compatible with the warm absorber conditions, where a metal-rich gas is irradiated by a continuum in the form of a double powerlaw. The first powerlaw is hard, up to 100 keV, and represents radiation from an X-ray source, while the second powerlaw extends up to several eV, and illustrates radiation from an accretion disk. When the ionized continuum is dominated by the soft component, the warm absorber is heated by free-free absorption, instead of Comptonization, and the transmitted spectra show different absorption-line characteristics for different values of the hydrogen number density at the cloud illuminated surface. This fact results in the possibility of deriving the number density on the cloud illuminated side from observations, and hence the distance to the warm absorber.
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