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Paper: Software in the Investigation of Exposure: Jupiter and Mars to Solar Activity
Volume: 453, Advances in Computational Astrophysics: Methods, Tools, and Outcome
Page: 401
Authors: Timofeev, V. E.; Samsonov, S. N.; Skryabin, N. G.
Abstract: The possibility of influence of massive WIMP-particles that form a response in the solar activity through their gravitational focusing by the Jupiter and Mars to the solar disk is studied. For this purpose, a long number of data for 100 – 200 years and a software to determine reference points for periods with fractional values are used. The use of such programs has allowed to determine the kind of response from the influence of the Jupiter and Mars to a solar activity by a relatively simple way and also to evaluate the path and section in the solar substance from the WIMP-particles. They are equal to 1.17 · 1011 g · cm–2 and 1.36 · 10–35 cm2, respectively. The effect of manifestation of the influence of WIMP-particles because of their focusing and absorption on the Sun in the main meteorological parameters in the central Yakutia has been found.
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