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Paper: Globular Cluster Clumpy Tidal Tails
Volume: 453, Advances in Computational Astrophysics: Methods, Tools, and Outcome
Page: 219
Authors: Montuori, M.; Capuzzo-Dolcetta, R.; Mastrobuono-Battisti, A.
Abstract: Tidal tails are interesting structure recently observed around many Globular Clusters. The understanding of the formation of such debris can help to analyse the interplay between internal and external processes in the cluster as well as to probe the potential of the host galaxy where the cluster is orbiting. We report preliminary results of an on-going study on tidal tails by mean of high precision N-body simulations. We focused on tail substructure (clumps) origin and evolution, which have been observed in the Pal5 extended tails.
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