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Paper: Evidence of a Connection Between Active Region Outflows and the Solar Wind
Volume: 455, 4th Hinode Science Meeting: Unsolved Problems and Recent Insights
Page: 327
Authors: Brooks, D. H.; Warren, H. P.
Abstract: We present new evidence of a connection between active region (AR) outflows and the slow speed solar wind from chemical composition measurements made by the EUV Imaging Spectrometer (EIS) on Hinode. By combining the differential emission measure (DEM) distribution derived using low First Ionization Potential (FIP) elements (Fe and Si) with the modeling of the high FIP element S, we are able to measure the degree of FIP bias in an observed region. We have applied this analysis to the outflow areas of AR 10978 observed in December 2007. Since the results of our study have already been presented by Brooks & Warren (2011), we use this short conference proceeding to show one illustrative example and the methodology in detail. We focus on the western outflow from AR 10978 observed on December 11 and show that the FIP bias of 3.4 matches the value of 3.5 measured in situ three days later at Earth by the Solar Wind Ion Composition Spectrometer (SWICS) on the ACE spacecraft. We consider this to be compelling evidence that the plasma in the outflow region really travels to the slow wind at Earth.
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