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Paper: Dynamic Features of Flare Plasma Unveiled with Recent Observations
Volume: 455, 4th Hinode Science Meeting: Unsolved Problems and Recent Insights
Page: 281
Authors: Asai, A.
Abstract: Solar flares are very spectacular and exhibit a variety of plasma motions. As a flare evolves, flare loops show many dynamic features, such as plasma heating and cooling, chromospheric evaporation, reconnection inflows and outflows, and so on. In addition, many ejection phenomena, such as filament/prominence eruptions, have been observed in chromospheric lines, in the extreme ultraviolet (EUV), and in X-rays. Flare-associated waves and the related plasma motions have also been studied. These plasma motions can be observed as phenomena accompanied by Doppler shifts in spectroscopic observations. Therefore, spectroscopic observations are crucially important for understanding the dynamics of flare plasma. Moreover, with multi-wavelength observations, we synergistically understand the flare physics morphologically, qualitatively, and quantitatively. We overview recent observations of solar flares, particularly those obtained by Hinode, STEREO, and SDO, and show (only a small part of) the dynamic features of flare plasma.
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