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Paper: Optical Spectroscopy of AU Mon
Volume: 447, Evolution of Compact Binaries
Page: 263
Authors: Barría, D.; Mennickent, R. E.
Abstract: We have carried out a series of spectroscopic observations of the Double Periodic Variable system AU Monocerotis since 2008. Most data were taken at the DuPont telescope in Las Campanas Observatory using the Echelle spectrograph. We present preliminary results of our spectroscopic analysis of AU Mon. With an orbital period of 11.1 days and long period of 417 days, AU Mon is a bright galactic system (V = 8.4) formed by a Be-type primary (gainer) and a G-type secondary (donor). We show Balmer and Helium line profiles in different phases of the orbital and long period as diagnostic of mass loss processes and dynamics of the rotating gas envelope.
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