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Paper: Most High-Mass Stars are Born as Twins
Volume: 447, Evolution of Compact Binaries
Page: 67
Authors: Chini, R.; Nasseri, A.; Hoffmeister, V. H.; Buda, L.-S.; Barr, A.
Abstract: We report on an ongoing survey concerning the multiplicity of southern O-type stars. The project is performed at the Universitätssternwarte Bochum, a new facility close to Cerro Armazones, and uses multi-epoch high-resolution spectra and photometric monitoring. The stellar sample, the observations and preliminary results are described. It is found that most O-type stars ( > 80%) are spectroscopic binaries, many of them even double-lined systems (∼ 60%) with similar-mass components. These findings are relevant for the physical properties of the most massive stars and will require a revision of fundamental O-star parameters like mass and absolute brightness.
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