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Paper: Numerical Simulation of MHD Flows in Close Binaries with Strong Magnetic Field
Volume: 444, 5th International Conference of Numerical Modeling of Space Plasma Flows (ASTRONUM 2010)
Page: 91
Authors: Zhilkin, A. G.; Bisikalo, D. V.
Abstract: We present a 3D numerical model to simulate plasma flows in close binary systems with accretors having strong proper magnetic fields. The model is based on an assumption that plasma dynamics is determined by a slow average flow against a background of propagating MHD waves. Equations describing the slow plasma motion are obtained as a result of the corresponding averaging procedure. The model takes into account the magnetic diffusivity which is due to the current dissipation in turbulent vortexes, magnetic buoyancy and wave MHD turbulence. We present results of the simulations for MHD flows in a polar-like binary system.
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