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Paper: Learning by Teaching: Implementation of a Multimedia Project in Astro 101
Volume: 443, Earth and Space Science: Making Connections in Education and Public Outreach
Page: 471
Authors: Perrodin, D.; Lommen, A.
Abstract: Astro 101 students have deep-seated pre-conceptions regarding such topics as the cause of moon phases or the seasons. Beyond exploring the topics in a learner-centered fashion, the “learning by teaching” philosophy enables students to truly master concepts. In order to make students teach the cause of moon phases, we created a multimedia project where groups of students taught other students and filmed the session. They were to produce a 10-minute final movie highlighting their teaching techniques and showing students in the process of learning the concepts. This “experiment” turned out to be a great success for a few reasons. First, students gained experience explaining conceptually-challenging topics, making them learn the material better. Additionally, they learned to apply learner-centered techniques, most likely learning to teach for the first time. Finally, this project provided the students a connection between the classroom and the rest of the college, making them responsible for applying and sharing their knowledge with their peers.
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